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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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coming up, nearly free. in just hours casein and is scheduled to be freed from jail in florida. -- casey anthony is scheduled to be freed from jail in florida. >> a school was penalized for the second time this week. the investigation is underway. abc murder suspect is again
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behind bars. -- a d.c. murder suspect is again behind bars. temperatures are rising in the heat wave that is coming our way. abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. start right now. captioned by the national captioning institute in as little as an hour from now, casey anthony will be a free woman. the earlier this month a jury found her not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. extra security it is in place at the orlando jail where she will be released. richard, what can you tell us? >> probably a long night ahead here. they are already beating of security. they have shut down one parking lot and have set off a parking
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lot for protesters. this will likely all unfold in the early hours of the morning. >> this is exactly the kind of scene that orange county jail officials are hoping to avoid. eleven days after being acquitted on charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter caylee, casey anthony is perhaps hours from freedom. her attorneys are saying little. that means there are no plans to alter her appearance with plastic surgery and that she will not be heading to her estranged parents home. >> we do not have all of the answers yet. >> she is scheduled for release one minute past midnight. she may be whisked away overnight to avoid this. protesters are planned to camp outside of the orange county jail on mike. >> i am disgusted absolutely disgusted. >> the form of the jury that found her not guilty did not
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think she would leave jail so soon. >> i was so shocked. i never want to see caylee @ -- casey anthony again. >> we will not be providing any elaborate security or protection for casey once she leaves. >> you have to have someone with him. we call it shadowing. 24/7. >> she has been bested by is to keep a low profile. >> you cannot see people. you can i go out to clubs the way you used to. your life has changed 100%. >> authorities say they're taking no chances. her attorneys say there have been at least seven death threats against her. one juror concerned for her own safety, has quit her job and left florida. she casey anthony faces two civil lawsuits.
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>> this story is causing strong reaction. she will be moving from home to home because some communities will not want her. for instant updates on this story, you can go to police are investigating the vandalism of a school in montgomery county. rude and sexual images were sprayed on the building. it is the second time it has happened in montgomery county this week. john? >> that is right. two schools and dozens of cars have been vandalized. it is being investigated as a hate crime. this montgomery county school is the latest to be targeted by vandals.
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the alarm was triggered just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. windows were shattered and sexually offensive words and graphic images were spread throughout the building and the neighborhood . >> i kids are young and they see these terrible things written on the school. >> about a dozen cars in the neighborhood had damaged and were tied with paint. rachel was among those hit. >> the police woke us up at about quarter to 6:00 a.m. to let us know that someone had painted all the cars on our block. >> hoover middle school also had vandalism that was considered a hate crime. and a spring of cars were targeted in silver springs. >> if these are juvenile involved, we do not consider this a prank and it is being seriously investigated because of the nature of the drawings
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and the words used. >> the owner of this damaged car parked her car around the corner tonight, hoping to spirit from being hit again. >> i am concerned. i did not realize -- >> someone rifled through her entire car this week. it is still too early to say but police say that is a strong possibility. and murder suspect who escaped from the sea is back in suspect. how he escaped is raising concerns -- from d.c. is back in custody. how he escaped is raising concerns. he switched id bracelets with another prisoner. a d.c. jail inmate said that it is possible that it was put on
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incorrectly. >> who ever put that on it would have to have been put on loose for him to slide off like that. >> in addition to murder charges, he now faces an escape charge. virginia state police are stepping up patrols along the interstate. the extra enforcement is on i- 64 i-81, and i-95. the patrols will run through tomorrow. also the repair work will continue for metro on the orange blue, and yellow lines. riders can expect up to 30
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minute delays. a virginia restaurant owner is celebrating after ending up with 51 winning lottery tickets. he chose the same numbers on all the tickets and one nearly two hundred $39,000 in thursday's -- $239,000 in thursday's draw. today was nice and mild. tomorrow will be a different story. steve is live in the weather center. >> a very comfortable night with temperatures falling into the lower-70's and the daschle into the 60's. mainly clear skies and a cloud
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here and there. as you enjoy yourself during the day tomorrow, you can expect increased timidity levels. then we will look for the big warmup. look at what is happening to the west of us. the magenta is excessive keep warnings. that is on the way by wednesday thursday, and friday. how hot would get to? my full forecast is just in a few minutes. the president meets with the dali lama and sparks strong reaction from china's officials. was it carmageddon? stay with us. those [ man ] i got this new citi
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rupert murdoch is trying to contain the damage from a phone hacking scandal. the company ran an ad in seven british newspapers apologizing
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41 of his tabloids hacking into the phones of victims. it has forced two of his top executives to resign. new developments in the case against christine o'donnell. a government watchdog group claims that she used campaign money for personal use. the u.s. attorney's office now says that it has decided not to pursue criminal charges. now to the latest on the deck showdown. so far, no progress. the clock is ticking down to august 2 the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. if it does not happen, the consequences could be severe. >> at the white house after five meetings in five days, the president is still pleading for compromise.
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>> i have put things on the table that are important to me and democrats and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> the president asked for a plan the second in that both sides can support. lacen new the president and vice president have been in touch with congress about various options. taxes have been the sticking point. >> not only democrats have sticking points. the republicans do as well. >> their need to be tax increases and spending cuts. some are embarrassed by cantor's stand. >> it is like a game of freeze tag. they're standing around and pointing fingers. >> some say no taxes.
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>> my message to him is simply this. stay on your ground. we have got to cut the budget. >> as the talks continue, the new deadline set by the president is this friday. strong reaction tonight from chinese officials over the president's meeting with the dalai lama. a spokesperson for the chinese ministry says the meeting is "seriously interfering with chinese internal affairs." the white house says that it supports human rights for the people of tibet and they do not support independence for tibet. the so-called carmageddon predicted for los angeles still has not happened. huge traffic jams were expected because a huge section of a key freeway, the 405, would be
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blocked off. a jogger and a suspected drunk driver were arrested today. a a local marine who was wounded in iraq is in a new wheelchair. they had a big housewarming party. the organization of "home for our troops" initiated the project. until now he and his family had lived in this three-story house with narrow hallways, forcing him to wear a prosthetic leg all day. >> for me, to be able to take my leg off at the end of the day and give my body chance to recover, it will give my body a huge boost. >> they itdonated physical labor and materials. they looked up with the weather today. it was not to humid. >> it was a beautiful day. it was a kid if predicted perfect mix of clouds and sunny
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skies -- it was a perfect mix of clouds and sunny skies. when. ucd forecast for wednesday thursday, and friday. did you see the moon rise? a nice, big bright, full moon? and definitely, if you missed it tonight, you have another chance to check it out. we look at clear skies to more. temperatures are slightly below average for this time of year. it is used about 89 degrees. it is now 70 degrees at reagan national airport. wind is out of the south at 12 m.p.h. at falls church, they are at 74 degrees.
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the temperatures are in the 70's at this hour. the dewpoint levels are beginning to increase. look at this dewpoint level in minneapolis. 77 degrees, that is where they have the excessive heat warning. the area shaded in magenta is where they have a heat advisories. look at this slowly move toward the east of the next couple of days. on wednesday we will be looking for a heated by azeri for the mid-atlantic. the high temperatures today, 101 degrees in dallas and 93 degrees in kansas city. 65 degrees to 72 degrees -- it
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will be a really nice night ahead. tomorrow we will start with plenty of sunshine and temperatures will eventually make it into 85 degrees to 90 degrees range. there will be plenty of sunshine with wind out of the south at 5 miles per hour to 10 m.p.h. next week, temperatures will be well into the 90 pause, if not near 100 degrees. on wednesday thursday, friday, and even saturday as well. you can go to for your latest forecast. you should watch for any heat advisories or warnings for our area. that will be dangerously hot weather. we do not usually talk about three days or four days in a row. prepare now. make sure your air conditioning is working and get your family.
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>> thank you so much. still ahead the weekend is not over yet but harry potter is a
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harry potter is mesmerizing moviegoers and raking in the big bucks. it has set an opening day record. it took in more than $92 million yesterday. that tops the opening of the previous record holder, the twilights of the -- the twilight sabrahsaga "new moon." >> there is a lot to deal with. what is going on in sports? are you looking forward to the game tomorrow. >> if you are a baseball fan in baltimore, you will have a good
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night. just because it is rare to see it does not mean it cannot happen. look at that. he helped to contribute in
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after committing five
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errors in game one, they had to come out sharper tonight against the braves. sean lennon was on the mound against tommy hanson who has not lost his last six starts. we knew it would be a big matchup at turner field tonight. wilson ramos flies to deep right-center. take a look. it bounces over the wall for a ground rule double. later in the second inning, singles up the metal his first of the season. that drives in two runs. then wilson ramos creches want to the left-center the second catcher in the franchise to hit a homerun. derek leak cents a ball out to left field.
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and the o's, at the bottom of the sex, decide to give him his turn. it is a solo shot and then hang on to win 6-5. rory mcilroy captured all of our hearts with his u.s. open win. but remember, he is only 22 years old and has a lot of learning to do. he is nine strokes off the leader at the british open. but he still continued at the major. the ninth hole is a before hansen. he is at even par, five strokes behind the leader. on the 12th hole, dustin johnson had a long border. he said. here is your leader.
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darren clark on the 12th hole makes a birdie to make it 5 under par. and he is in the lead by one stroke over johnson. >> it is the biggest and best and oldest of all of them. any one of them will do. tomorrow is very special. hopefully, i can play the way i did today. if i do not, i will have played my best. so i will go out and have a bit of fun again and enjoy myself. the u.s. women's national, keep in mind that they even made the world cup going on a five-month losing streak before taking it into gear. the face of the team has to be abbey wombak.
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43% of her career goals are headers. she spoke with reporters today and she let everyone know just how important this game and potentially her first world cup win will be. >> on the eve of one of the biggest games of our lives. but the game of soccer, we have done it thousands of times before. we know that the japanese team is excited and they will come to play. we have to play really good soccer. we have to play get seat soccer. we have to go for it. we cannot hold back. >> the black and red ended up with a scoreless tie. >> we will be pulling for women tomorrow
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gearing up for a heat wave. >> yes. it will last more than three days. we're looking for temperatures tomorrow at 90 degrees. it will be in the mid-90's on monday. look at thursday, friday, even into saturday with highs approaching 100 degrees. these are actual temperatures. >> we will see heated buzzer is coming out in the next couple of days. thank you for being here with us.
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